Residential Housing, Accra, Ghana

Housing, Accra, GhanaThe ICP Group and its affiliated partners have developed a 10-year plan that will provide the capital the country of Ghana needs to grow and expand not only its infrastructure, but provides a financial platform to grow and develop the countries core industries such as real estate, agriculture, transportation, mining, and oil & gas. The funding will be used to advance all facets of life.
The pilot program will begin with the financing, management, equipment, collaboration (with the State Housing Authority), and construction of the 15,000 housing unit project in Kpone. The residential and commercial real estate industries are going through a period of growth and increased demand. Demand for affordable residential housing far exceeds supply. The disparity continues to grow. Currently the country is experiencing a 1.5 million unit housing deficit. A private sector solution is the most efficient and cost effective way to approach the current situation.

Ghana Housing Project in AccraAs the economy continues to grow, there is also increased demand for commercial development to keep up with the growth of the country. Current legislation under discussion in Ghana would reshape land ownership laws which result in even greater growth opportunities over the next 10 years.
The agenda is purposeful about economic and social advancement in Ghana as well as the rest of Africa. Our plan will make a significant impact on society through job creation, job training personal income growth, and tourism.

Since the last messaging on this topic, and noted in the pictures, the firm has received the approvals to construct an initial 6,000 homes, roughly a $260 million job from the leadership of Nsawam, Ghana. Upon the successes of this $260 million job, the firm will seek to solve the housing issues in Ghana, by constructing at 500,000 homes over the next 10 years.