Success Stories

Potomac Park, Washington, DC

Potomac ParcFor over eight years, the ICP Group (“ICP”) has been an integral part of the Washington, D.C. real estate market, particularly the Lower 8th Street SE, Barracks Row District. By employing key strategies for commercial real estate assets that are located in recovery and expansion secondary markets such as Capitol Hill; our firm has been committed to growing and developing a solution for the middle market consumer in the area.

The ICP Group is interested in expanding its current successful portfolio in the Potomac Park area of Washington D.C. Our intent is to transform a six-block area which includes Squares 929, 930, 906, 907, 976, and 952 into a mixed-use development project that will add great value to the area in terms of housing units, hotel rooms, office space, retail, job creation and economic development. Each square will contain multiple buildings and uses in order to maximize the development.

The ICP Group and its affiliates are local developers who want to increase and advance the local commercial real estate market by being excellent at management, finance, quality, community as well as marketing, vision, and branding.

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Potomac Gardens, Washington, DC

Potomac GardensIn keeping with the 2016 election ideas for affordable housing in Ward 6, DC, and in America, here is our citizenship petition for reforming the $1 billion plus affordable housing industry in Washington, DC, specifically at Potomac Gardens (e.g., 1229 G St SE) and Hopkins.

In this end, ICP Partners INC, a non-profit organization that focuses on providing affordable assets in urban and emerging markets through the applications of real estate and infrastructure development assets such as Potomac Gardens and Hopkins, Carthagerea, petitioners at 1229 G Street SE, Capitol Hill residents, and various other Americans are creating and advancing the attached 300,000 plus petition at

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Residential Housing, Accra, Ghana

Ghana residentialThe ICP Group and its affiliated partners have developed a 10-year plan that will provide the capital the country of Ghana needs to grow and expand not only its infrastructure, but provides a financial platform to grow and develop the countries core industries such as real estate, agriculture, transportation, mining, and oil & gas. The funding will be used to advance all facets of life.

The pilot program will begin with the financing, management, equipment, collaboration (with the State Housing Authority), and construction of the 15,000 housing unit project in Kpone. The residential and commercial real estate industries are going through a period of growth and increased demand. Demand for affordable residential housing far exceeds supply. The disparity continues to grow. Currently the country is experiencing a 1.5 million unit housing deficit. A private sector solution is the most efficient and cost effective way to approach the current situation.

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Community Bank Reinvestment Program

Community BankToday, America’s community banking industry as a distribution system for liquidity injections within our society continues to face on-going challenges from the recent recession and downturn. This stems from political and corporate decisions that were implemented in the 1970s and continued through 2007 (i.e., TARP, technology, globalization, supply chain management, investor returns, savings and loan crisis, and the RMBS and CMBS products).

As a result, Americans are de facto encouraging and managing an unsustainable pricing model in real estate and banking that is threatening the recovery and expansion of the overall economy. The distribution system that evolves these two core industries forward year after year for American consumption is broken, clogged by real estate, and is in need of reform and organization.

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Agriculture in Ghana

agriculture GhanaThe agriculture industry has historically been one of Ghana’s major contributors to the economy. The industry accounts for over one-third of the GDP and employs almost half of all workers.

In order to maximize crops and profits, there is important work that needs to be done in order to modernize the industry. This includes the use of improved technology, upgraded equipment, irrigation systems, and improved transportation.

While the agriculture industry is traditionally a strong performer, there is still strong potential to grow and evolve this industry even further.

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Mining in Ghana

Ghana miningThe mining industry in Ghana is one of the leading contributors to the economy and the GDP. The gold and minerals industry is one of the country’s leading exporters.

The mining sector is an area of strong potential growth as there are still large amounts of gold and other minerals that are untapped.

The strategy for this sector centers on developing a large scale mining operation to produce minerals such as gold, iron ore and diamonds. Some of the produced minerals will be used to generate income, while others will be used to export key resources back to China and America.

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